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I loved my job. I was a fundraiser for charities with projects in my home country and I was good at it. Really good actually. And I loved my colleagues and supporters so much. They were genuinely like family, but still, I had no time for my actual family and the idea of starting my own felt so implausible. Even though nature was gently yet cruelly telling me it was now-ish or never.

Weekends were no longer for excursions and adventures. They were recovery periods. If I had one activity booked at all in the entire weekend, I would feel anxiety at the thought of it. 

So I needed to think outside the box. It is so ingrained in us to get a stable 9-5 and then go for every promotion possible that it can be difficult to get out of that mindset and think of alternatives. 

But I did it and I decided I wanted to find meaningful work that helps people, but is flexible enough that I can fit it around whatever I want to do, whether that’s yoga at 11am on a Thursday, day drinking on a Tuesday afternoon or eventually having a family of my own. 

And I can show you how too.

Exposing the ease of entrepreneurship through one-to-one consultations, online courses and in-person events.

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S02 E05 Movement as Self-Care

S02 E05 Movement as Self-Care

I am ecstatic to be joined by Michele Dashwood of Dance in to Your Power Workshops. She’s going to be talking about using some of your senses and movement to help with stress relief and productivity.

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