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The For Empath Entrepreneurs Programme

Workbook, video tutorial and group Q&A sessions

This programme will show you how to entrepreneur with ease, and is specifically aimed at those in the creative, healing, caring areas, or those who identify as an empath or highly-sensitive person.

It is everything you need to know about the businessy stuff to start your business, or if you already have, to streamline your business, but without someone shouting jargon at you and telling you to hustle hustle hustle!

And you get this programme with a massive 25% discount!

What is included in this programme?

Workbook – 100 page workbook full of topics listed opposite. 

Live calls – In addition to the workbook, you will get a very special bonus during this offer period. You will get access to 3 live calls with me over the next three months so that you can ask questions about any of the work you are completing in the book. There will also be the opportunity to spitball ideas with the other attendees. And if you miss the calls, no worries, you can email questions in advance, and then everyone has access to the replay whenever they find convenient. These live calls will take place on Wed11 March, Wed 15 April and Wed 13 May 2020, 1030am PT, 130pm ET and 630pm UK time. 

Results – You will get a better understanding of the steps needed to run a successful business, and you will receive step by step guides as to how to do this. Check out the testimonials from people who have worked with me in the past!

Lasting – This course works out to under £2 a week, and will save and make you more year after year. 

Setting up an overwhelm-busting to-do list system that actually works;

Tech I love;

A Life Audit to assess where to focus your attentions;

How to set up your SMART goals;

Defining your intentions;

How to flood your bad habits with good;

Figuring out your ideal work day;

Peer support;

Setting your work hours;

Essential oils and crystals to help with your business;

Building your self-care toolkit;

Beating Impostor Syndrome;

Monthly budget;

Minimum earning requirements;

Income goals;

Building your brand;

Your brand statement;

Your origin story;

Which social media platforms you should be on;

How to grow your Facebook audience;

Social media content planner;

Email sequences;

And much, much more.

Who is the programme for?

Are you an empath entrepreneur?

If you feel some or all of these apply to you, then you are an empath entrepreneur. Or perhaps you are an empath thinking about working for yourself or setting up your own business. If this is the case, this is the programme for you!

You will take on other people’s emotions as your own. If they cry, you cry;

You pick up people’s energies more than most. Like if someone has nervous energy, it can make you unsettled. Similarly, someone feeling joyful can lift your mood too;

You find it hard to turn away from someone who needs help, and feel compelled to offer your services to people even if they can't afford it;

You may suffer from anxiety;

It can be exhausting being in social situation, or have to deal with clients or customers all day;

People open up to you even if you just met them. Quite often at a party, you are the one the drunk people are crying too about their life’s regrets;

You are really good at telling when people are lying. But you are also really bad at confronting them;

You are good at understanding other people’s points of view, you understand things aren't always black or white;

You get labelled as 'over-sensitive' and often take things, like negative feedback about your work, very personally;

You need your alone time to recharge;

You can get unsettled by watching the news or violence on TV, especially at night;

You love animals and babies (their pure innocence and energy recharges you);

Intimate relationships can feel like they engulf you.


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About Me

I loved my job. I was a fundraiser for charities with projects in my home country and I was good at it. Really good actually. And I loved my colleagues and supporters so much. They were genuinely like family, but still, I had no time for my actual family and the idea of starting my own felt so implausible. 

So I needed to think outside the box. It is so ingrained in us to get a stable 9-5 and then go for every promotion possible that it can be difficult to get out of that mindset and think of alternatives.

But I did it and I decided I wanted to find meaningful work that helps people, but is flexible enough that I can fit it around whatever I want to do, whether that’s yoga at 11am on a Thursday, day drinking on a Tuesday afternoon or eventually having a family of my own.

Why Dee?

What others are saying

What an amazing person to guide you through the “if’s” and “what’s” of starting your own business ! You made it so simple. Dee is not only highly professional, creative and  efficient but she will also make you feel at ease with any worries and doubts you have by simply breaking down step by step what do to and guide you through any processes. I could not have done it without her. Her expertise and knowledge is what sets her apart from her competitors. 5 stars is not enough and I would highly recommend working with her! I would use her again and again!

-Aga the Virtual Assistant

“Jedi Master Dee, or as we now call her Yodee 🙂 has an insanely magical way of making scary things seem a little less scary and “figureoutable”. She has a way of taking what seems like a boulder of a problem and hacks it down to little pebbles. We love her sense of humor and her enormous compassion for what we were feeling. She made us feel understood and genuinely cared for, and she’s been helping us figure out a way forward, pebble-free. The force is strong with Dee.”
-Nat and Bill from Labs & Co Pet Photographers

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