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What is a Circle?

A circle is simply a group of people coming together to lend support, entertainment, motivation, and share dreams, problems and hopes. 

Circles have been occuring since the dawn of time; women’s circles, men’s circles, storytelling circles. 

Why a Moon Circle?

Our bodies undeniably react to the phases of the moon, as does our mindset. New moons are intrinsically linked with new beginnings, and full moons tend to be a time of high activity. 

What happens at a Moon Circle?

New moon circles will have the focus on setting intentions for the upcoming lunar phase. 

Full moon circles will focus on a particular topic, like forgiveness, or womanhood, or gratitude. 

Each circle will start with a short mediation, and then we will all share our intentions or thoughts on the subject. 

What about the dreaded C-word?

During these uncertain and unprecedented times, the Moon Circles will be held online using Zoom for the foreseeable future. 

I’m curious but nervous! Can I just observe?

No one is obliged to talk or share in a circle if they do not want to. You are more than welcome to come along and observe. You will soon see that the group is warm and welcoming. 

How do I join the next Moon Circle?

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