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I am ecstatic to be joined by Michele Dashwood of Dance in to Your Power Workshops- Cerridwens Brew Space & Aura Sprays. She’s going to be talking about using some of your senses and movement to help with stress relief and productivity. And she is going to talk us through one of the visualisations she uses during her workshops!

Dee: Tell me about your blends, how do you come up with the mixes and the names?

Michele: Most of the time they just come to me and I think about what oils to use…or I feel inspired to make a blend for a specific feeling and then the name evolves from there.

Dee: What are your favourite smells for different moods or purposes?

Michele: Frankincense is very good for disturbed sleep and bad dreams, because it’s such a sacred oil it is great for meditation. I love Violet absolute, Rose Geranium and Palmarosa as they are all very calming. 

Dee: Is there any way you use oils or smell as to help with your business? Ie focus or mindset or clarity

Michele: I use a space clearance blend of Juniper berry, Lavender and Frankincense, prior to my workshops  as this blend can really help disperse negative energy, calm and raise psychic and spiritual awareness, so helps people get into their zone.

Dee: What about music? Different music for different activities or moods?

For example I listen to spa music when working and heavy metal while driving and punk rock when angry

Michele: Yes, I love rock and heavy metal as its energetic/creative/motivating so love to dance to it, play it at home but I also really love Kate Bush. I use a lot of Kate bush tracks as the end track at the end of my workshops as she is sooo expressive and creative, she also uses drums really well in her music. I don’t as a rule use heavy metal at the workshops as this can be too heavy…I tend to use Mammas and Pappas, Fleetwood Mac etc….but you never know lol

Dee: Tell us about your movement and dance workshops. What and who are they for? What do they help with?

Michele: I use gentle guided movement self-expression and dance, along with visualisation to the sound of recorded drum and percussion sounds. Everyone is welcome, anyone can come along…there are no dance steps or routines to learn. I created the workshops to help people who like me struggle with anxiety, lack of self confidence and stress but love movement. The techniques I use are designed to lift the spirit, calm anxiety and improve/build self-confidence through the use of open body movements, this can be as simple as opening your arms. 

Dee: How can this kind of activity help with our work life?

Michele: Absolutely…any movement to music is a great stress buster and can really inspire the mind in a creative way. I do a quick exercise where I ask everyone in turn to show in a movement how they are feeling, this is about getting that feeling out there. So this is great if you have had a busy or stressful time at work. Then after the workshop I will ask again for a movement of how they feel now…the change in people is always a positive one. So the body and mind will then remember how good it felt after the movements. If you feel stressed at work you could even do a bit of foot dancing. It all helps.

Dee: Do you have an exercise you can talk us through right now?

[This is where Michele talks us through the bubble exercise.]

Dee: How and where can people find out more about you?

Michele: Dance in to Your Power is on Facebook, and I also have a website with all the info, I hold two workshops a month at the moment. I am at ETNA in St Margaret’s Twickenham the first Thursday evening (8.30pm-9.30pm) of each month and I am also at Whitton Community Centre the third Tuesday afternoon (1.30pm-2.30pm) of every month.

Come join me on my Facebook page